How to Buy a Home With a Dark Past

On occasion you may come across a house that is perfect in every way, except for a few small details. A crime may have occurred there or someone (or a series of someones) may have died in the home. While most realtors will be up front about this reality you may have some concerns when it comes to buying a home with a dark past. There are many ways to alleviate the concerns you may have about your potential home, but in the end you may decide that the events that have occurred in your home make the home not worth buying.

When confronted with a home with a dark past people generally have one of two reactions. You may be interested in knowing what exactly went on in the home you are considering buying, and once the details are known you may reconsider. The home could end up being a perfectly wonderful home for you and your family, or you could be incredibly uncomfortable living in the house because of past events. You might even get a better deal on the home because of its dark past.

If the home has a history of violent crime the price may be lowered because of the negative publicity that has been centered on the home. While there may be no evidence that any violent crimes have occurred in the house there may still be a buzz around the location.

When looking at a home for sale the buyer has the ability to ask if the home has a dark past, and the seller must be honest according to the law. Houses that are rumored to be haunted are generally locations buyers will want to stay away from because of the uncertainty of the market value as well as the overall mystery of what is actually going on in the house.

If you’ve decided to dive in and buy a home that has a dark past you might find that repairing and restoring the house makes a world of difference. Doing routine maintenance like painting the outside of the house, replanting (or planting) a yard and landscaping can change the aesthetics of the house as well as the overall feelings people might have towards the property. The interior could also use a fresh coat of paint; use this time to create your dream home with the right color schemes, accent walls, new curtains, and more! You can also replace any insulation, windows, or other siding that may be worn out or need replacing.

Hire professional cleaners will also make restoring the house easier. Whatever you need to do in order to feel better about living in a house with a dark past is completely fine and up to you.

Buying a home with a dark past is the same process as buying a brand new home. Ask your realtor and the seller if there have been any criminal activities, violent crimes or other unfortunate events that have occurred on the property and use your best judgement.

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