Your Honeymoon in Germany – Romance on the Rhine

If your idea of the perfect romantic setting contains scenes of mountain streams coursing through lush alpine meadows; medieval castles towering over the banks of winding rivers; narrow cobbled streets winding past watchmakers and chocolate shops; and sunny beer and wine gardens where you and your bride or groom can relax over a bratwurst or Sachertorte, then you deserve to honeymoon in Germany.

Germany offers far more, of course, then the scenes you would expect to find in a box of Bavarian Christmas cards. Germany’s culture is one of the world’s greatest, and has been responsible for philosophical, artistic, and musical revolutions. Germany’s marvelous cultural heritage is celebrated both in her museums, and in marvelous festivals held throughout the year.

A honeymoon in Germany during the month of October will find you there for Munich’s Oktoberfest, where you will be joined by hundreds of thousands of visitors to celebrate the national beverage, beer. Each of Germany’s other great cities, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart has something unique to add to your honeymoon.

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is the site of magnificent architecture, important museums, and Germany’s premiere theaters. Spending your honeymoon in Berlin will allow you the opportunity to explore its history, and to experience authentic German cuisine at some of its marvelous restaurants and cafés.

For a look at modern Germany, your honeymoon in Germany should take you to Frankfurt, the country’s financial capital. Frankfurt has a cosmopolitan atmosphere that you expect from one of the great cities of Europe, and if you arrive in Frankfurt by train, you will be struck by the city’s multiculturalism. You will find Frankfurt’s remarkable museums along the south bank of the Main River, and can get a look at the city’s beginnings with a walking tour of the Romerberg, Frankfurt’s Market Square.

No honeymoon in Germany would reach its romantic potential without some time spent in the Bavarian highlands in the south of the country. The Bavarian forest is Europe’s largest mountain forest, and it is within a day’s drive of Munich.

Medieval Germany survives in the towns of Heidelberg and Marksburg. Heidelberg is the site of one of Europe’s greatest universities, and Marksburg, on the Rhine River south of Koblenz`, is the site of Marksburg Castle. The only surviving medieval castle along the Rhine, black-and-white Marksburg Castle now houses a museum with a marvelous authentic medieval interior.

Romance, history, and magnificent natural surroundings are what will make your honeymoon in Germany an unforgettable beginning to your married life!

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